Cargo and Escort Security Services

You, your protection and your peace of mind are our #1 priority. Citiguard’s Escort Security Services are an elite, professional, highly-trained, experienced and trustworthy team, who remain alert and proactive in diffusing potential incidents.

Citiguard’s escort security guard value-added services include:
  • Ensure the personal protection of client(s)
  • Review client(s) plans
  • Escort client(s)
  • Be invisible to the client(s) but visible to the public
  • Plan escape routes
  • Search & drive a motor vehicle for client(s)
  • Be skilled at evasive driving techniques
  • Survey premises prior to client(s) entering/exiting
  • Keep bystanders at a safe distance
  • Perform security checks
  • Survey surroundings
  • Identify & diffuse potential dangers
  • React quickly & efficiently in emergencies
  • Defend client(s)
  • Work alone or as part of a security team
  • Abide by Federal, State and Local laws & regulations

The need for an escort security service can be for different reasons. If you feel your life is in danger, or you have been threatened, Citiguard can provide you with an armed or unarmed escort.

Maybe you are transporting valuable items and need a vehicle patrol escort. Citiguard has armed and unarmed vehicle patrol security guards. Citiguard’s escort security protection guards are all properly trained in these unique situations and more.

Contact Citiguard to set up your free cargo security or escort security services consultation today to discuss protecting your assets with one of our knowledgeable security protection consultants.

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Our security protection consultants at Citiguard are highly educated and experienced with over 50 years of experience.