Education Institute Secuity Guard Services

The concern at schools is first and foremost the safety of the students and the staff. By having an on-site security guard, Citiguard will deter most predators and make the students think twice before starting trouble with other students or even staff.

Unfortunately, there have been way too many crimes at schools. Our security guards have been highly trained in complex areas and are ready and willing to secure the safety of your students and staff. Citiguard employs both armed and unarmed security guards.

Our security consultants will sit with the Administrator and learn the rules of the school. Be friendly enough to students so they are comfortable with the security guard but stern enough so the students know the security guard is there to protect them and their peers. Citiguard sets itself apart from the other companies by giving their security guards a unique training course that specifically deals with the legislation and school environment.

By having on-site security guards it can help prevent the following:
  • Kidnapping
  • Prevent Bullying
  • Prevent School Violence
  • Prevent Unauthorized Visitors from Entering School Grounds
  • Rape
  • Reduce Liability Risks
  • Reduce Safety Risks
  • Terrorist Acts
  • Vandalism and much more

Don’t wait for a tragedy! Start protecting your students and staff today with Citiguard.

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Our security protection consultants at Citiguard are highly educated and experienced with over 50 years of experience.