Energy / Chemical / Petrochemical / Utilities Security Services

There is a new Federal law stating that chemical, petrochemical and utility industries need to secure their facilities. Citiguard has the most knowledgeable and experienced security guards for these infrastructures.

Citiguard employs the best security guards in all fields. We have specially trained guards that are designated for our more complex clients such as Energy, Chemical, Petrochemical, Utilities, Oil and Gas companies. These security guards have been trained in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS). Our security guards must also pass a psychological assessment and a background investigation before being considering them for employment with Citiguard.

You can be at ease knowing Citiguard has the same wants as you. Our main concern is the safety and security of all of your assets. We will help ensure that your company is in compliance with all the local and federal security and safety regulations while we implement an emergency plan and a disaster plan for your specific company.

Don’t wait for a tragedy! Start protecting these Infrastructures today with Citiguard.

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Our security protection consultants at Citiguard are highly educated and experienced with over 50 years of experience.