Medical Centers / Hospitals Security Guard Services

Many medical centers and hospitals have multiple security guards to help protect their patients and staff in the unlikely event of a bomb threat, fire, terrorist attack or other criminal activity. Our security guards would pay most of their attention to the sensitive areas, such as; infant care, medicine storage, trauma units, psychiatric ward and the prisoner care area. If you have a large facility, Citiguard highly recommends one security guard be stationed at each area along with a parking lot security guard and a lobby security guard.

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The following is a small example of what Citiguard can do for you:
  • Access Control
  • Armed Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Foot Patrol
  • Golf Cart Patrol
  • Traffic Control
  • Vehicle Patrol and much more…

Security protection for educational institutions is a necessity in these times. Secure your campus with Citiguard security protection guards, who are highly-trained, experienced, courteous and dependable.

Based on your directives and our expertise, Citiguard will assess, customize, develop and enforce the most ideal and cost-effective security procedures. These procedures are designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your security policies, and are tailored uniquely for your premises.

Citiguard security protection guard duties include:
  • Greet faculty / staff / students / visitors / employees / contractors / vendors
  • Monitor IP-based closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras
  • Access Control for visitors /employees / contractors / vehicles / deliveries
  • Login & logout visitors / contractors / vendors
  • Patrol premises, and enforce campus rules (24/7)
  • Patrol parking lots & enforce parking rules (24/7)
  • Golf Cart Security Patrol (optional)
  • Deter & eliminate vulnerabilities/immediate danger
  • Pro-actively alert Management of any potential issues
  • Lock & unlock doors (upon verification of authorization)
  • Complete Daily Activity Report
  • Report all illegal activities & hazards to Management
  • Adhere to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security guidelines
  • (Optional) safety workshop presentations for students/faculty/staff

Citiguard security protection guards are fully-licensed and highly-trained, and frequently receive mandatory training in the latest security procedures and technologies. Our guards are always professional, alert, courteous and neat in appearance, and will ultimately help maintain the safety and order at your location. Send a strong message to the community at large – our educational institution is protected by experts!

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Our security protection consultants at Citiguard are highly educated and experienced with over 50 years of experience.