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Personal Security Bodyguard Services

Crime in Los Angeles has been increasing at a rapid pace. Los Angeles is entertainment capital hub of the world where many big celebrities belongs and a key place to attract many tourists. Celebrities and VIP’s are always in spotlight and that makes them a prime target for criminals and kidnapers that is the reason why they need personal security services so that they feel protected whenever they step out. Citiguard offers high profile bodyguards in Los Angeles to meet your specific needs.

Citiguard is known to provide personal bodyguard services for celebrities and VIP's in Los Angeles, California.

What Do We Provide?
  • Personal Bodyguard Service California
  • High Profile Bodyguard Los Angeles
  • Off-Duty Officer
  • Suit and Tie Bodyguards Los Angeles
  • Executive Protection
  • Business Park
  • Campus Security and Many More

It’s a real challenging task to find a reputable and trusted bodyguard in Los Angeles for personal security but at Citiguard, we have a team of bodyguards that are especially trained to protect and take care of VIP's whether it’s an fan crash or attach for each type of crisis our guards are ready as we are serving people including VIP's, celebrities for more than 50 years. We at Citiguard have well-prepared support staff, highly trained security guards , off duty officers that have 24/7 of track record.

Who We Work for?
  • Property Management
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Off-Duty Officer
  • Hospitality Services
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Construction Sites
  • Entertainment Industry
Why Choose Citiguard for Personal Bodyguard Service, California?

There are many reasons why celebrities and top profile executives need high profile bodyguards in Los Angeles, California like:

  • Feel secure in a crowded place.
  • Get secured from fans, paparazzi, and press.
  • Protecting celebrities and their public image.
  • Protecting them from encrypted messages.
  • To handle the uncontrollable situation.
  • Protect them from crime.
  • Maintain their privacy.
  • Protect them from bad publicity.

Citiguard team understand the privacy needs for VIP's, Celebrities and high profile executives. Our bodyguards are well trained to deliver you with maximum protection and privacy consistent with your safety.

We look into our client’s specific needs and customize the service accordingly. We at Citiguard are known mainly to make all kind of celebrities and high profile corporate executives feel safe. Our personal bodyguard service ensures the utmost protection for all of them.

Learn More About Our Services and Commitment

Our security protection consultants at Citiguard are highly educated and experienced with over 50 years of experience.