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Citiguard is a security service provider in Los Angeles that strives to ensure the safety of businesses and communities. We offer a range of customizable security solutions that go beyond conventional measures. Citiguard's security guards in Los Angeles are tailored to meet the unique needs of the diverse industries and neighborhoods in the city. Our security guard in Los Angeles focuses on proactive and vigilant protection to keep the city safe. With decades of experience in the trade, we understand the landscape and local culture, and that's why we are the preferred choice of security services in Los Angeles.

Committed and Dedicated Security Services in Los Angeles

We are one of the most trusted Los Angeles security guard companies headquartered in the city. Our security guards in Los Angeles are made up of highly trained professionals who bring expertise and dedication to every assignment. Citiguard uses advanced technology and strategic planning to safeguard commercial properties, residential areas, and special events effectively. This includes everything from advanced surveillance systems to onsite personnel. By integrating these approaches, security guards in Los Angeles create a seamless security framework that adapts to the dynamic challenges of security services in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in California, and it is a business hub bustling with diverse communities, residential areas, offices and industries. As a leading security guard company in LA, we are well aware of the security concerns and ready to provide considerable measures. Our client base includes Fortune 500 businesses to local shops, schools and industries. security guard in Los Angeles provide extensive security services in and near the Los Angeles neighborhood to make sure that people live with peace of mind.


We provide comprehensive services with our security guard in Los Angeles for a wide range of businesses and industries and individual safety. Our services include private security, bodyguard services, event security, residential and commercial security and more. With years of experience serving the city, we emerge as one of the finest security guards in Los Angeles with a proven track record. Visit our service page to learn more about which service is suitable for your needs.

Citiguard offers security specialists in LA for every occasion, event or requirement. Our security managers have over 50 years of experience in the field and set the standard in the security industry. We provide highly trained, certified, vetted, and insured security guards in Los Angeles. Apart from that, we provide 24/7 support to our esteemed clients so that they can reach out to us for any security needs.

We provide armed security guards in Los Angeles for various industries, events and requirements. Our armed guards are trained in firearms and regularly go through various training regimes. Citiguard delivers the best-in-class armed bodyguards in Los Angeles that are experienced and professional to ensure everyone's safety.

We provide affordable, tailored security guard services for Los Angeles-based residents and businesses. We understand that no two businesses have the same requirements, so we don't use the cookie-cutter approach. Our client base includes enterprises, small business, communities and educational institutes along with others. We are happy to help anyone who needs security services in LA and create a custom plan that suits their needs and budget. Consult with our security experts today to learn about the pricing.


Their guards were courteous and efficient, creating a secure environment while also being approachable. A top choice for comprehensive security service in Los Angeles.

Tom F.

When it comes to security services, one cannot compromise on professionalism. And the citiguard are the perfect example of this. Their exceptional level of professionalism makes them an ideal choice for anyone who needs top-notch security company in Los Angeles. Rest assured, with them on your side, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your safety is in good hands.

Laura M.

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