Solutions at Citiguard provide the protection to the clients maximum interest. Whether they are in private security, facility security, event security or even any other security service we offer. As our vision is to provide such security services that offer peace of mind to our clients.

Even our management system that is structured in such a way that assures our field operations to be a safe and responsive environment which results in ranking our guards at the top most of all services and that too both in technology and outstanding services.

Our team of seasoned professionals, which include security consultants, security guards, field supervisors, and client relation managers, have one collective focus which is ensuring the daily maintenance of our clients’ complete protection and safety.

Why Choose us?

Citiguard offers best hourly rates and has state certified professional officers who are better trained to handle difficult and emergency situations effectively. We follow the successfully managed strategies in order to prevent losses, and ensure the protection.

Even the Citiguard feels pride to serve our clients with many benefits and provide great value.

Contact us today only and allow Citiguard to be your caring partner to take care of your assets and all your private security needs. To receive your security consultation and making of the proper plan according to your needs and budget with our skilled consultants.

Certified Security Guards


All our guards are properly trained and certified to provide you the best services.

Best Security Services


The guards will be always on time, whenever you need their help or support.

Licensed Security Guards


Our services are licensed and insured, thus there is no scope of fraud.

Experienced Security Guards


We have a team that possesses experience and expertise in the security services.

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